Soundpro USB Plus™ Headset

Monaural (one-ear) Headset with Quick Disconnect feature


  • Model: SU10P Soundpro USB Plus™ - Monaural Headset (one-ear)
  • Connects to PC/Mac & Laptop
  • Wideband Sound Quality
  • Noise-cancelling Microphone
  • 3 Year Warranty

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The Soundpro USB range of headsets connect directly into your PC or Laptop and give you instant access to PC audio including Unified Communications (UC) applications.  With crystal-clear wideband audio quality and noise-cancelling microphone, the Soundpro USB headsets are perfect for loud environments such as open plan offices and contact centres. 

Use it for Softphone Conference Calls, Video Conference Calls Webinars, e-Learning & Training; or simply use a Soundpro USB headset to listen to music or any other audio file.

Choose from direct connect models or those with a Quick Disconnect feature which enable you to walk away from your PC without having to remove your headset.

Crystal-clear conversations

With a wideband audio frequency range that is second to none, Soundpro USB headsets deliver first class sound quality.

UC Compatible

Compatible with Skype™ for Business / Lync®, Cisco® WebEx®, Cisco® Jabber®, Avaya, ShoreTel®, Mitel® and other VoIP / Softphone applications.

Inline Controls

Simple Inline Controls enable you to answer/end calls as well as mute and adjust the volume.


Connects to PC / Mac or Laptop via USB
Plug and play
Compatibility Operating system: Mac and Windows
Compatible with Skype™ for Business / Lync®, Cisco® WebEx®, Cisco® Jabber®, Avaya, ShoreTel®, Mitel® and other VoIP / Softphone applications.

Includes Skype™ for Business / Lync® call controls.
Quick Disconnect (QD) cable Allows you to move away from your desk without having to remove your headset every time
Design Monaural (one-ear) & Binaural Headset (two-ear) styles available
Large leatherette ear cushions for extra comfort
Foam ear cushions also available (sold separately)
All-day durability thanks to robust design
Inline Controls Simple inline controls allow you to easily answer & end calls (Skype™ for Business / Lync® only) as well as mute calls and adjust the volume.
Microphone Noise-cancelling microphone minimises background noise
Flexibile boom arm can be adjusted to the user
Audio Wideband Audio frequency range to 10,000Hz which deliver crystal-clear conversations and first class sound quality.
Environment Suitable for all environments, including loud environments such as open plan office or contact centres
Warranty 5 year warranty on the headset top
3 year warranty on the bottom USB cable

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the inline controls do on my Soundpro USB Plus Headset?

The inline controls allow you to adjust the listening volume for your headset and mute/unmute the microphone. The Call Control button allows you to answer and end Microsoft® Lync® phone calls, or acts as an on/off switch for the headset audio.

2. Is the Soundpro USB Plus Headset designed to be used with Microsoft® Lync®?

Yes it is! The Soundpro USB Headset has in-built call controls for Microsoft® Lync® – use the Answer/End key on the Soundpro USB’s inline controller to answer and end calls. The Soundpro USB is designed to work with all softphones though, so even if you’re not using Microsoft® Lync®, it will offer high quality wideband audio for your application.

3. Will my Soundpro USB Plus headset work on my Macbook or iMac?

Yes, the Soundpro USB headset is compatible as a USB audio device with your Apple computer.

4. Can I purchase replacement ear cushions for my Soundpro USB Plus headset?

Yes, replacement leatherette and foam ear cushions can be purchased for the Soundpro USB headset. The part numbers are as follows: SW5030 (Leatherette Ear Cushion) and SW5032 (Foam Ear Cushion).   Contact our friendly Customer Service team on 1800 626 505 to order your replacement ear cushions.

Soundpro USB™ Headset

Connects to PC / Mac and Laptop Monaural (one-ear) Headset

Soundpro USB™ Headset

Connects to PC / Mac and Laptop Binaural (two-ear) Headset

Soundpro USB Plus™ Headset

Connects to PC / Mac and Laptop Includes Quick Disconnect feature Binaural (two-ear) Headset

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