Soundshield Voice

Polaris Soundshield Voice software provides unsurpassed acoustic safety whilst enhancing sound clarity for all headset users.


  • Model: SSV Soundshield Voice
  • Operating System Windows 10
  • Protects you from Acoustic Shrieks
  • Long Term Noise Exposure Protection
  • Crystal-clear Audio
  • Compatible with Leading Headsets

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How it works:

Soundshield Voice uses Windows audio processing object (APO) architecture to apply custom digital signal processing as part of the audio driver's value-added features.

Soundshield Voice packages the Polaris’ patented SonaronTM DSP algorithm into the device pipe on stream initialization to perform all processing on the main CPU and does not rely on external hardware.

Core functions:

• Shriek rejection: Rejection of sudden noises in the audio channel that may cause acoustic injuries or startle reflexes

• Limiting noise: Custom sound output decibel limiting for noise exposure control

• Noise data recording: Dosimetry data recording capabilities for incident analysis and record purposes.

• Dosimetry data visualization: Noise data visualizer that displays noise graphs of the headset output and allows the user to identify shrieks rejected by the application


Compatible with Operating System Windows 10
Supported devices Polaris:
Soundshield UC (10/20) Soundshield BT (10/20)
SC(230,260,630,660) MB PRO(I,II)
Encore Pro(510/520) Blackwire(5210/5220) Voyager(4210/4220)
Biz2400 Series Evolve 40 Series Evolve 65 Series
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