Noise Dosimetry & Soundstat

Noise Dosimetry and Soundstat™

Contact Centre and Workplace Safety Managers need to effectively and consistently monitor the noise levels that their contact centre agents are exposed to through their headsets. The Soundshield™ products provide the ideal solution because of their ability to capture noise dosimetry (also known as sound data) that can then be analysed using PC-run Soundstat™ software.

What is Noise Dosimetry / Sound Data?

Noise dosimetry or Sound Data is the measurement of noise in decibels. By measuring noise it is possible to identify the amount and the loudness of noise that someone is exposed to over a period of time, and whether they have been exposed to any sudden loud noises or high-pitched sounds. This is especially important for headset wearers, particularly those in contact centres who are on the phone for prolonged periods.

How is Noise Dosimetry captured?

Noise Dosimetry is captured by Polaris' patented Sonaron™ software, which runs in every Soundshield Wireless Headset and Soundshield 4G Acoustic Safety device. All potentially dangerous loud and high-pitched noises are captured and stored. This data can then be uploaded to a PC either periodically, or upon demand, using Soundstat software.

Soundstat - a powerful Visualisation Tool

Soundstat is software that runs on a PC and which is used to easily analyse the sound data that is captured by all Soundshield products. This sound data is referred to as 'noise dosimetry'.

Soundstat completes the acoustic safety picture and empowers Managers by enabling them to monitor and control the noise in their contact centres.

  1. Soundshield Wireless Headset & Soundshield 4G capture Noise Dosimetry data.

  2. Soundstat software uploads the noise dosimetry data to your PC.

  3. The Noise Dosimetry data is exported to easy to read graphs for analysis.


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