Jabra LINK 14201-33 EHS Adaptor for Avaya Telephone series 1400, 9400, 9500


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Overview and Specifications

This Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) adaptor lets you remotely answer and end calls away from your desk using the multifunction buttons your wireless headset ear piece.

It is designed to work with the following Jabra wireless headsets:   Jabra PRO 9450, Jabra PRO 9460Mon, Jabra PRO 9460Duo, Jabra PRO 9465Duo, Jabra PRO 9470, Jabra PRO 920, Jabra 9350, Jabra 9350e and Jabra 9330e.   

It is compatible with the following Avaya telephone models:  1408 Digital Deskphone (Aura + IP Office), 1416 Digital Deskphone (Aura + IP Office),  9404 Digital Deskphone (Aura), 9408 Digital Deskphone (Aura), 9504 Digital Deskphone (IP Office), 9508 Digital Deskphone (IP Office), 9608 IP Deskphone (H.323)*, 9611 IP Deskphone (H.323)*, 9621G IP Deskphone (H.323)*,  9641G IP Deskphone (H.323)*

* For SIP versions of 96X1s, use LINK 14201-33

Print Specifications

Jabra PRO 920 Wireless Headset

For Desk-phone only

Jabra PRO 9450 Wireless Headset

For Desk-phone & PC

Jabra PRO 9470 Wireless Headset for UC

For Desk-phone, PC, Mobile & Tablet

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