Handset Lifter for Plantronics Headsets


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Overview and Specifications

The Plantronics HL10S Handset Lifter lets you remotely answer and end calls away from your desk using the multifunction buttons your wireless headset ear piece.

Designed for the Plantronics CS500 & Savi Wireless Headset Series, the HL10S Handset Lifter is inserted under your phone's handset. When the phone rings, you simply press the button on the side of your wireless headset ear piece and this sends a signal to the lifter to lift the telephone handset up. This then accepts the call. To hang-up,  simply hit the button on your headset again and the lifter lowers the telephone back down and ends the call.

In this way you can answer and hang up on calls away from your desk when using a wireless headset.

Compatibility Works with all Plantronics desk-phone compatible wireless headsets. Compatible with virtually all telephones where the handset is on the left side of the phone
Ring tone Notification in your headset
Range Up to 150m away from your desk
Features Built-in on-line indicator lights up when phone is in use
Special magnetic-field technology as ring sensor to avoid false calls
Warranty 2 years

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