As a socially responsible organisation that is committed to producing high-quality products, Polaris recognises the importance of the impact that its products can have on our earth.

The company is committed to sustainable, responsible business practices. Our environmental policy makes certain that at every step, our activities are environmentally sound, from design to delivery.

The company strives to use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible in order to minimise its current and future environmental footprint.

The materials we use are safe; and whether they are manufactured internally or supplied by vendors, we make sure that they conform to the internationally recognised telecommunications compliance standards that monitor and restrict the use of lead and toxic chemicals.

We monitor and review the conformity of all materials, including but not limited to inks, varnishes, and paper materials. We also purchase components and accessories only from approved and preferred suppliers, who are able to certify that the materials supplied have passed the corresponding safety tests, standards, and/or regulations.

Where possible, packaging used for our products is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastics and carton which is compostable and contains no added dyes or pigments.

In addition to being conscious of what its products are made of, Polaris also contributes to their sustainability through its in-house Service & Repairs Centre. Polaris products are designed to be easily repaired and refurbished. Any returned products are repaired onsite and sent back to the customer good as new rather than being disposed of.

And if a product is beyond repair, a new one is sent to the customer and the damaged product is disassembled and its individual parts are re-used in the refurbishment of other products that may be returned.

Polaris’ exceptional warranties (the longest warranties in the industry) facilitate this process and ensure that the life of its products is extended for as long as possible. These long warranties also ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum.


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