Headset Compatibility Guide


Headset Compatibility Guide

Selecting the right headset can be confusing. Corded headsets might need specific cables or other accessories to work on a given telephone. To help make the decision, Polaris has created this Headset Compatibility Guide (PDF) explaining what you should order for your phone brand and model.

Electronic Hookswitch Guide


Some wireless headsets are designed to allow their users to answer and end calls remotely with the use of the appropriate accessories. While most telephones require a mechanical handset lifter to physically lift and lower the phone's handpiece, some phones are able to use an Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) accessory, which can open and close calls without any moving parts.                            
Selecting the right EHS depends on the brand and model of phone, as well as on the brand and model of headset. To help you make your decision, Polaris Communications has produced a one-page guide to EHS solutions for the most common telephone and headset brands.

Click here to read our Electronic Hookswitch guide (PDF)

Note that if your telephone is not listed in this document it may not be compatible with EHS remote answering and should instead be used with a remote handset lifter.

For more information on Headset Compatibility or our Electronic Hookswitch Guide, please don't hesitate to contact our Firstpoint Customer Service & Sales team on 1800 626 505.